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TERRA-TORY Okra Collagen Soap: An Ode to Individuality.


I was asked to speak at my friend Elizabeth’s high school where she teaches. I was so nervous about what I would say. How could I possibly tell these kids about entrepreneurship and just what to expect out there in the “real world”?

Well, it turns out that being yourself is pretty much key to anyones success. Believe it or not, it’s the one of the hardest things to do these days. We’re bamboozelled with social media society, politics and so much more. It’s my answer to Terra-Tory’s success.

What I also mentioned to those students was finding you in whatever your doing. But lately finding that joy hasn’t been so easy living in a capitalistic society where we have to work so hard to survive is a challenge indeed!

We’re launching our new Natural Collagen Okra Soap this April. Tracking back to my Jamaican/Trini heritage, eating with my dad was very special to me. My mom is a great cook, but my dad new how to make certain Trinidadian dishes that we still can’t perfect to this day. One of those dishes is called, “Callaloo”. It was this green slimy goodness that warmed my soul. Full of species and flavor. Served on top of white rice, or seafood, or by itself! Calalloo is made with green okra . It’s what gives the dish it's slimy, runny texture.

The one thing my father always said about Calalloo was “Its good for your skin, so be sure to eat all of it”. I was definitely a daddy’s girl. I looked just like him. I listened.

As an adult, I started thinking about my father's advice and wondered if maybe there was something in this calaloo that would help my skin? I did some research and found out that okra has been used since ancient times.


an image of my father (left)

Okra soap is one of our newest creations and we are so excited to share it with you. We’ve been working on this formulation for a while now and I’m glad we can finally share it with you guys.

The slime (mucilage) is soooo good for you. Inside and out. So when me and my team developed this formulation, I wouldn’t wait to test it out myself. I’ve decided to scent this new soap with a cedar wood, eucalyptus and clove. Where entering new seasons so its only right to freshen up and open the scenes. Fill the lungs with something bold and deep (but subtle). You can even see the speckles of okra seeds in the soap. 

The collagen comes form the actual mucilage form the okra in this soap. This will give our skin a layer of collagen, vitamin C to help keep the skin supple and a chance to sap up the nutrients. (You won’t find anything like this in your typical shower gel or body wash).

Disclaimer: Do not eat the soap! LOL 

x Kim