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How I Reduce My Eczema Flare Ups in 3 Weeks.

omega before after terra-tory


Step 1: Cleanse the area with any of our TERRA-TORY non-drying soap formulations to cleanse and prep the area. We recommend our Gentle Baby Oats as an unscented option.
Step 2: Dry the area until damp or dry. We recommend a little damp.
Step 3: Use one to two pumps of our 'Omega' oil to massage deeply into area. Apply as often as possible. There's no such thing as too much Omega.

The images above is a 3-week transition of using Omega, consistently. Because consistency is key. We are "constantly" washing our hands, which caused more irritation to our flare-ups that may be caused by an allergic reaction. 

Replace your water-based lotions and greasy balms with the 'Omega' oil to smooth out rough, reverse inflammation, hydrate dry patches, soften hands and feet, reduce the feel and appearance of bumpy or 'strawberry' found on knees, or elbows. The list literally goes on...

We're still in a pandemic so, for repetitive hands washers, keep Omega in your bag, car or desk for convenience and always moisturize after washing. Add a few drops or pumps with any Multi-Purpose Butter for double protection and faster healing. Unscented is highly recommended for super sensitive skin.

Keep this oil in your car, purse, satchel, body bag, on your work desk, on your dresser, in your bathroom, by the sink, in your first aid kit, gym bag, duffle bag, tote bag, AND toiletry bag. Keep this oil on the dining table, bathroom sink. This this oil by your garden, windowsill. Your skin needs Omega's daily so why not replace the products that you have with what you need.

Keep this oil plain sight at all times.

Regular use benefits of Omega:

  • Soothes and repairs itchy peeling hands
  • Smooth out rough, bumpy skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring/hyperpigmentation.
  • Reduces itching.
  • Add to red, itchy, "over-scratched" areas of skin 
  • Reduces red, warm, sensitive to touch, inflammation on the skin or scalp.
  • Smoothing rough patch areas.
  • Even skin tone and texture.
  • Reduce skin sensitivity to ultraviolet rays (cancer prevention).
  • Reduce breakouts on face or body.
  • Soothes razor burn/nicks (use daily on freshly shaven skin on face or body).
  • Reduce the appearance of itchy AD flare ups.
  • Speeds healing and scar prevention to cuts and scratches.
  • Reduces itching and irritation from bug bites. 
  • Smooths out bumpy skin found on knees or elbows ('Strawberry Skin')
  • Can be used as scar prevention on face and body

See more of this 3 week skin transformation of OMEGA healing inflamed AD flare up and scar prevention.


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