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How To Detox Your Home

Some tips on keeping the space around you clear from clutter, germs and allergens. 



Make your bed

load and unload dish washer 

wipe counters

put away clothes

clean as you go


take out trash

don't wear outside shoes inside




wipe down the keyboard and mouse

switch out sponge

scrub bathroom tub & toilet

dust shelves and around windows

water plants

clean mirrors & glass doors

clean floors & vacuum

clean microwave

disinfect/clean humidifier/air purifier



organize dresser drawers

clean out junk drawer

sanitize kid toys

disinfect trash can

vacuum car

clean your vents

scrub shower grout



Clean pantry/fridge/freezer

re-fold linen closet

clean out closet

wash comforters

spot clean carpet and rugs

wash pillows

clean oven