$1 of each product sold goes to Save The Children Emergency Fund.

Feminity, Courage & Spirit


Now, we're very selective and intentional about where we want you to find our products. As a WOC entrepreneur, the connection with this brand partnership clicked immediately. We want to be accessible to those who understand the value of feminity, courage, and spirit.

We created this brand out of love, the feminine energy. Keeping our skin cleansed, moisturized, smooth, and supple. It's empowering to take control of how you feel about yourself. Switching from chemical-based body cleansers is an act of radical femininity in showing yourself respect and love. Now, not in the sense that men can't use our products (because men LOVE terra-tory) but the "inwardness" of our shower routines tap into a gentler, calmer, more intentional side of natural product grooming. 

Launching this brand takes a massive amount of courage. We are a small team that does a lot of heavy lifting to make amazing soap. We also are e folks about a common issue in the soap industry that no one wants to admit; the overuse of coconut oil and palm oil. We get pushback every day about demonizing these ingredients. But we aren't here to please the naysayers. We're here to make something better, and let you feel the difference. 

We're here to provide an alternative to body care, and toiletry products that exceed the status quo, "freeing" you from the bounds of commercial, mass-products. We're honored to be in partnership with Free People! You can now find our product at Free People locations and online here 


xx Kim