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Soap Care & Product Tips

If you're new to using natural soap, here are some helpful tips to get the best use out of them, for you and your family to enjoy.

 1. There are NO preservatives in our products, so we recommend using all soaps  products within 6-12 months and non-soap products within 3-6 months. If you are stocking up, and won't be using it sooner, best practice is to place in the freezer or refrigerator

2. Two ways to maximize the shelf life, hang your soap to dry or place on a "self draining" soap dish. One, is our Aluminum Travel Case that has a built-in self-draining compartment that you can remove and place your soap on. Another way is to hang your soap dry. Our Silicone Shower Hook can stick to any smooth surface, that can hold up to 7lbs of weight. Its silicone base is easy to clean, preventing bacteria/mold build up.

3. Between showers, keep your unused soap in a cool, dry area (e.i. in box, in fridge, and below 65°F or 18°C). 

4.Keep body butters and oils away from excessive sunlight. This will keep the ingredients from losing its nutrients. Sunlight on natural products can 

4. Before trying anything new on your skin, perform a patch test. Apply a small amount of product on small part of skin for 24hrs, before fully using product. 

5. For best soap result, use soap with washcloth. For deeper cleanse and skin conditioning, lather and rinse twice. Follow up with any Terra-Tory moisturizing products after cleansing. 

6. Because we don't use coconut oil (explained in this blog post), our soaps are much more conditioning to the skin. But soaps that contain coconut or palm oil are told to last longer. Although we don't find that to be totally true (our soaps last up to 2 months with single person use) we still want you to enjoy the soap for a longer time. Hanging your soap will allow it to air dry between use, elongating the life span of the soap. 

These best practices will allow you to enjoy your natural soaps longer without harboring or spreading bacteria. Elevating your natural soap experience.