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Shipping Updates From The Studio

terra-tory soap studio


Service means a lot to the team here at TERRA-TORY. When you pay for a service, it's usually best experienced when the service is done well. No one likes bad service. It's worse than a faulty product (even that's forgivable). We've been getting your emails about shipping delays and lost packages. This is something that doesn't represent us as a brand. If my items are missing, I'd be annoyed too. So this is why we're making subtle shifts in our shipping offers. 

We normally offer two types of shipping carrier services, USPS and UPS. Each 'service' has their perks. USPS offers better prices, but UPS is more reliable (you get what you pay for). The messages from you are coming from orders that get shipped from (you guessed it, USPS). We want to improve your experience with us. 

Once you get to the shipping option part of checkout, you'll be asked to choose one of the two services offered. 

On our end, regardless of which ever option you choose, we will choose UPS as our primary shipping carrier. 

Why? Because we prefer reliability.  

This way you can still enjoy the low cost of USPS prices, but with UPS service. 

What we do ask is for one thing (that will always make our job easier and make sure you get your orders). We ask to always double-check your shipping information. Include the apartment or suite numbers always. Include mailbox numbers too. This will remove any guess work for us and the carriers delivering your shipments. 

Most of you rely on us for your skincare needs, and we want to make sure you're getting your products.





With Purpose,

The Founder, Kim