$1 of each product sold goes to Save The Children Emergency Fund.

Waste-Free, with Love

At TERRA-TORY, we care deeply about the health of our planet. We understand the importance of making eco-conscious choices to protect our environment and the interconnectedness of all living things. In our efforts to promote wellness and self-care, we strive to extend that mindfulness to our packaging and shipping methods. 

If you're new here or friends of ours at TERRA-TORY, we define wellness as part of our pledge respect nature and protect it. We send our online orders directly from our studio to your home. That's why all of our soaps are biodegradable and shipped in Kraft paper packaging to reduce plastic and consumer waste. 

Our online orders are hand wrapped from our fulfillment staff, Nancy. She process all your orders. She has a heart of gold, but the mouth of a sailor (which means she's loads of fun, lol). She brings texture to the mundane day-to-day logistics of post office trips. She carefully wraps your soap cubes in brown paper instead of the placing them in a box. It adds a rustic feel and protects the soap during its travels to its new home (your home).

Our goal is to continue to explore and implement more sustainable solutions so that we can create a brighter, healthier future for ourselves and for generations to come. 




with purpose,