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Breaking Morning Fast

Photo by Tyler Pandolfo for TERRA-TORY

Breaking fast or having "breakfast" is usually a term that most of us think of when we think of pancakes, eggs and orange juice, right? Overtime, since the wellness space has grown, many of us are drinking fresh juices etc. Well, if you've started that path, then great. But many of us still struggle with trying to figure out what to eat in the am, that won't leave us sluggish come 3pm or that won't trigger any new breakouts or add on any extra weight. 

I've alway believed in fasting but it's not for everyone. We need energy throughout the day in order the perform our daily tasks of either entrepreneurs, mom/dads, students etc. So we should start with something. 

My first rule of thumb is water. Always, always, always start with at least two glasses of water. This is strictly on the wake up. Prep the night before if you have to. 16 ounces of water, at your bedside, so when you wake up, you can rehydrate after a very dehydrating 8 hours sleep.

Sleep is very dehydrating. That'll fix two problems. Doing this will help flush out any toxins/waste in the body and help you poop better and it replenishes and hydrates you/skin. Now this isn't a meal replacement, this is just to open up your stomach slowly. We often start out with something starch, carbs, thick, greasy heavy foods like what I mentioned st the start of this blog, which is the leading cause to so many diseases. 

A second rule of thumb is with that same glass of water you started with, a probiotic should be included. This is going to prep your stomach with good bacteria. Good bacteria is essential to gut health and overtime (depending on your con), excellent for the skin. This will help your stomach produce good bacteria to help breakdown foods, increase your immune system and remove toxins from the body. Good bacteria eats bad bacteria. If you find the right one, probiotics can be  helpful for those with all sorts of allergies! Read more here.

Lastly, (and this is for the folks who can handle it) start with raw fruits/veggies. This could be right before your small cereal or porridge. When we sleep, our stomach is digesting the food you eaten throughout the day. It's working to eliminating waste. As a result, it shrinks our stomaches to its original closed state. Adding heavy foods into our stomachs right away, expands our stomachs. Then we get hungrier faster a few hours later, having to fill up that newly stretched stomach. Its better to start light with fresh fruits to help the elimination process.

Eating detoxifying foods or what I like to call them is "live" foods; such as berries, lemon or coconut water helps the elimination process. While simultaneously giving us the vitamins and nutrients we need for the day. Eating fresh or raw helps eliminates waste, cleaning the intestines, stomach, and the skin and boosting your energy levels to start the day with "natural" sugars. 

With consistency you'll see a change in your skin and overall energy levels. Stick to it, plan ahead and start slowly. Understand this isn't a overnight success situation. You won't wake up gleaming radiant skin in your first day doing this. This a practice to achieve better skin in conjunction with other practices and understanding learning your body. Take your time. Move with grace. One love. 

Best foods the break fast:

  • Water/Coconut Water (depending on your allergy)
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Greens
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Beets
  • Bone broth, for non-vegans
  • Probiotics (we recommend Seed)