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Coping with Daylight Savings Changes

I know, it can be an extreme struggle getting out of bed now that its super dark when we get up. New York's fall/winter is brutal in so many ways. It's cold. You don't even want to get out of bed. It takes a toll on our mental.

Tips to cope w/ daylight savings changes messing up our schedules:

  • Make your morning routine as easy as possible. If you can pack your bag or meal prep the night before, go for it. Makes morning routines so much more enjoyable
  • Get outside every day. Doesn’t have to be to the gym or a workout if you don’t have the energy but go on a walk w/ a friend or listen to a podcast or upbeat music that puts you in a good mood. Especially good for lunch breaks since it gets darker earlier now
  • See friends at least a couple of times a week. It’s so easy to seclude ourselves, esp if you work from home, but social connection is so important to well-being. Plan meet-ups for coffee or dinner or hangs in the park or FaceTime friends or family
  • Stay hydrated, sleep well, & eat your greens. The more you take care of yourself, the easier it is to love yourself
  • Try to schedule something you’re looking forward to at least once a week. Anticipation is half the fun. Even if it’s a movie you’ve been wanting to watch, a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, or a little day trip somewhere, it’s great to plan and puts an extra little pep in your step
  • Let yourself take it easy when you need it. Some days are exhausting even when you’re doing nothing & let yourself be on those days. We don’t need to be productive every day, despite what our culture says. It’s cool to just be & to adjust to it getting colder & dark out so early