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Essential Behavior

The concern we often get with our product’s scents will clash with their perfume/cologne. The answer is simple but requires a little more information to fully understand. The short answer is, no. 

The long answer: Simply put, essential oils are the liquids isolated from plants when introduced to a solvent — meaning, they are the liquid version of plants. The most popular method of Steam Distillation— Eucalyptus extraction

Essential oils are volatile. Meaning they "fleet" (escape quickly). There are several reasons why and how essential oils behave this way. 

When exposed to the air for extended periods, the temperature of your skin, sun exposure, sweat, heat, and oxygen can alter the aromatics and behavior of the essential oils. It all depends on the person, environment, and lifestyle of who’s wearing it. 

Let’s not forget however that pure, unadulterated essential oils are made from plants! They are NOT made to last on the skin for extended periods. 

 Also, it’s made from plants (only). There are no chemicals or stabilizers to keep the aroma present for extended periods. 

Simple Math:

Plants die. Essential oils, made from plants, will die too. So the aroma of an essential oil certainly cannot live longer than the plant itself. **Reminder: this refers to essential oils in natural products that go on the skin.**

 So if you enjoy wearing perfumes and colognes like I do, rest assured, that our products won’t interfere with your favorite scents. Perfumes and colognes are made to have a longer-lasting presence on your skin. Some fragrances contain essential oils, in addition to stabilizers and chemicals to support the fragrance shelf life and blends. But that’s a different conversation for another day. 

If you’re not sure, I always recommend going unscented. Our unscented products are made with zero essential oils. Giving you just the pure ingredients so they don’t irritate your skin or clash with your favorite perfume. 




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