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'Ital' Soup is Vital for Health

I make this at least once a month. Its an easy meal prep, its loaded with plant based protein, filling and nourishing dish. It keeps you full without making your feel terrible. Ital, a variation on 'vital', is a belief system, in the Nyabinghi Mansion of Rastafari, which dictates that its followers should eat food grown from the earth around them - unmodified. Typically, it's a plant-based diet.


Carrots (2-3)

Yellow Plantain (2-3)

Any type of sweet peppers of choice (1-2)

Sweet Potato (3-4 large, or any starchy provision)

Corn (on the cob, 3-4 or 2 cans)

Chayote (aka Cho-Cho)

Red Kidney Beans (1-2 cans; or any bean/legume of choice) 

Cilantro (3-4 bunches, 4-5 cups) 

Yucca (1-2)

White onion (1)

Scallion (1 bunch or 5 stalks)

Spinach (1-2 bunches)

Unsweetened Coconut Milk (up to 3-4 cans)

Pimento Seeds 

Bay Leaf 


Coriander, Curry and Powder and any seasoning of choice

Lots of garlic

Lemon (to taste; optional but highly recommended)

Salt and Pepper


1. To your soup pot, add four cups of water to one can of coconut milk, add your handful of pimento seeds, a few bay leaves (3-4) and your thyme, bring to a low simmer.

2. Chop up everything! Yes, everything (except the beans, lol). Size is up to you. 

3.  This step is optional; But HIGHLY recommended: In a separate sauce pan, lightly oiled, sauté garlic, onion, peppers, 2 cups of chopped cilantro until sweaty to release the flavors. 

4. Dump all contents from sauce pan into your soup pot. Add salt/pepper/seasonings as you go. Remember to taste.

5. Start adding your veggies in this order: corn, carrots, potatoes, yucca (these are tougher foods and takes longer to cook). Let cook/simmer for 10-15 mins). Next add: Sweet potato, chayote, beans, spinach and two more cups cilantro (softer foods).

6. Add water/coconut milk to cover all foods. Add salt/pepper/seasonings as you go. Remember to taste. 

7. Let simmer until all foods are cooked to your liking. I recommend a low and slow method. Stir pot periodically. Be sure to taste. Soup will thicken within a few days. 

8. Enjoy with a splash of lemon!