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Mango Season

As we enter into the warmer climate, it means two things. Mangoes. Ripe mangoes.

Mangoes have been a huge part of my childhood growing up in a Caribbean household. Both my parents (Jamaican, Trinidadian) had the house fully stocked with mangoes all spring and summer long. We'd bite right into a ripe juicy mango, using our teeth the pierce the skin then peel it back slowly (like a banana). All to be left this with juicy orange pod of meaty goodness. Sweet, juicy mango juice would drip down our hands and fingers. The fibers would get into our teeth, but we didn't care. My grandparents would cut theirs up into long pieces and eat them off the skin. Sliding the skin across her teeth, getting every bit of juice and meat off like a chicken bone. We feed the skin to our dog (dogs love mango skin, it makes their coat shine). 

In Trinidad, my grandmother (on my dad side) made mango Chutney. Peeled and cut mango in to small pieces. Add crush garlic, coriander/cilantro (which is key), salt, vinegar (which is optional) and homemade pepper sauce. Latino culture, cut them up and add salt, chili powder and lime juice (which is also fantastic). 

This spring, I've decided to introduce our new Fresh cut Mango + Cilantro Cube for a limited time only (ships mid-april). We added fresh mango nectar and cilantro to our nourishing coconut oil-free formulation to craft an unbelievable conditioning soap cube. 

4/20: Mangoes are also my favorite snack. It's my life hack and healthy way to satisfy the munchies.