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Motherhood So Far

I’m not even sure if I’m qualified to even speak about motherhood being that I’m only nine weeks in. Motherhood so far is a humbling experience that’s taught me a few things about life. How to adapt to new environments/lifestyle. I went from being a plant-based eater to eating red meat in a matter of months. From being a doer of everything to heavily relying on others for help. It’s taught me how to really let go of control over everything. I wanted a unmedicated water birth and ended up getting an emergency C-section.
Recovery has humbled me to be patient with myself. The changes, pains, trauma your body experiences (til this day) from childbirth is pretty intense. It’s slow and unforgiving. Each day is a new pain or ache and each day I have to give myself grace and ask for help from my loved ones. Motherhood so far has made rest a new supplement in my wellness arsenal. I’ve always taken my rest seriously but now, it’s a non-negotiable. Imagine your body is in excruciating pain and the only way it goes away is if you sleep. You’d look at sleep a lot differently. I look at sleep as a means of survival now. So when it’s time to rest, there’s no scrolling on social media, there’s no procrastinating. I sleep and I sleep hard. And I’m proud of that. 

An an entrepreneur, motherhood has definitely unlocked a beast, a hunger, a drive in me. It’s allowed me to face a few of my biggest fears and that speaking on live camera LOL. More on that next week…. It’s taught me really be more strict with my schedule and adapt to a new routine. My time isn’t just mine anymore, I have employees to support but now a little one who’s still getting
used to a new world. If I wasn’t before I’m much more intentional. I don’t do anything without intention, it’s an utter waste of my time and everyone else’s if
I do anything without it. Consistency will always and forever be key in this line of business. Quality has always been what sets TERRA-TORY apart from other brands out there. It’s our standard and if motherhood has taught me anything
it’s that quality isn’t something I’m willing to settle on. Not for my business not
for me, and not for my family. 

Motherhood so far has taught me some lessons about life and myself. All lessons that are making me a better woman and better business owner. When I look into my newborn son’s eyes, I feel a great deal of energy that I can’t describe. He makes me feel more settled into who I’m becoming. Someone who makes beautiful things for the world to enjoy and feel good from. And even though TERRA-TORY is an extension of who I am, I have a greater sense of purpose now. Not just to make something beautiful for the world to enjoy but to show my son that he can make beautiful things for the world too. 

So many exciting happenings are on the way so stay tuned for what’s to come.We are restocking items (old and new) so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and maybe check out on the site. Oh! If your up-to-date on my last note, my grandmother sends her love, she may be sending Persimmons 💕

x Kim