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Postpartum Eczema

I had a baby, then my eczema put me in a chokehold. I think it happened for two reasons:

1. My immune system was shot (damn near hanging on by a thread).

2. Overwashing my hands with antibacterial soap from handling a newborn. 

3. I wasn't moisturizing afterward (shame on me).

When we use these commercial soaps on our body/hands, initially we're stripping the good stuff. These are primarily detergents we're washing with, so it doesn't help when you use them 10 times a day. As a result, a nasty, itchy, bumpy breakout occurred. 

It starts off as a few tiny itchy bumps, and within days of burning and itching, it grows and spreads. Getting itchier and more sensitive each day. 

What's The Solution?

First and foremost, I started moisturizing my hands directly after each wash. I didn't care how much my newborn was crying and needed my attention, my hands were getting moisturized. I used our Omega Oil after each wash. It contains omega fatty acids such as avocado oil, hempseed, and algae oil. The overuse of antibacterial soap was the culprit, stripping the important proteins and fats that keep the skin barrier intact. 

In addition to using the Omega Oil, I used a 2% hydrocortisone cream. I didn't want to but this rash was spreading too fast and the itching was too intense. With consistency with both, my hands healed 100%, with almost no scarring or hyperpigmentation left behind from scratching.

Results Matter

In about 3 weeks, (because it as to get worse before it got better) the itching stopped completely and my skin's balance was restored. They itching subsided, the bumps are gone, and no hyperpigmentation was left behind.

This took some resilience and consistency. I always walked around with the Omega Oil and moisturized my hands after each wash. One or two pumps did the trick.