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Small acts of wellness renders big healing.

the itch. the burn.

So since I’ve had my son, I’ve developed a series of strange allergic reactions. My body is changing so much, and so is my diet. This is all proof that I’m supposed to be a plant-based girlie but momma has to eat a little more hefty, to feed her growing (rapidly) baby boy.  

Since I’m eating more, that means I’ve gained a significant amount of weight. So as a result, my thighs are chafing and it’s left a nasty rash that keeps reoccurring on my left inner thigh.  

Here’s some transparency: As I’m still struggling to get a routine to run my business and being a full-time stay-at-home mom, taking care of myself hasn’t been much of a priority. I’ll admit, my son has taken over my life lmao, but I’m learning to let go of the things I cannot change. Like, a crying baby while I’m in the shower. 

I say all of this to say, I haven’t been taking consistent showers. And that means I haven’t been consistent with my skincare regimen and it shows!

So, as a result of my self-sabotage, a nasty rash appeared. It started off as itchy bumps but then blossomed into an itchy patch of rough skin that was very itchy and tender and itched and burned more after scratching. 

It would itch at night while sleeping and walking around. My family thought I was going crazy as I walked around with my hands down my pants. Embarrassing but it’s the truth. 


So I realized that when finally DID take a shower and moisturized the area each night, the rash was itching for a little while, then went dormant. So I decided to let my son cry for an extra 10 minutes to take quicker showers and make time to moisturize my skin. 

Before you know it, I’m going full days without scratching and I’m not even realizing it.








With purpose,