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Persimmons + Body Odor


Photo by: @f.manson

Have you ever heard of persimmon soap? Actually, it has become a topic of conversation in recent years in Japan, because the plant-originated soap is excellent in getting rid of body odor.

Benefits of Persimmon Soap

Generally speaking, when people turn 30, they come to emit a body odor, more or less, because of a fatty acid called Nonenal. But persimmon soap is highly effective in eliminating such age-related odors.

Why persimmon soap is effective in the elimination of body odor?

Actually, the soap contains a component called persimmon tannin which gives good effects on the skin. Specifically, persimmon tannin has a deodorizing and sterilization action which prevents the generation of offensive odors as well as the propagation of bacteria.

Other Benefits

Persimmon soap is plant-based so it is gentle to the skin and can be used for children without worries. Besides, the soap is also known for beautifying the skin, which is brought by effective components including persimmon tannin.


Anyone from adults to kids can use persimmon soap easily and safely. If body odor causes you suffering, by using the plant-originated soap, you will be able to eliminate the unpleasant odor efficiently and effectively.