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Shea Butter Dilemma, Solved: A not-so-serious Meltdown


Kim here! My team and I read all your feedback on our products, we read them with an open mind and use them as opportunities to improve. We received an email from a beloved customer who received her travel-sized Multi-Purpose Butter, completely melted. Under normal circumstances, we don’t produce too much body butter during the summer months but there’s been such a demand for it, we decided to give it a shot this year. 

Then we got this: 


This is the result of shipments being held in UPS trucks (made of metal) that have been driving in the heat and possibly stuck in traffic on the way to your doorstep (for however many hours before you receive them in hand). I’m not even exactly sure if they have AC in these mailing trucks but it’s certainly not enough to keep our body butter from melting.  

Ice packs? This would increase the cost of shipping and we want to give you a great shipping experience. 

Expedited Shipping? That would end up being triple what you pay now. 

And there’s still no guarantee that the butter won’t melt. 

The Solution?

The solution is very simple. We just have to chance it. 

We don't use stablizers or hardeners in our products. We respect that nature and what we do. We don't plan on changing our work ethics and ethos. We’ll shoot you an email, letting you know what date is best the send your Multi-Purpose butter. This will be based on your location and the distance from our studio in New York. So if you’re in Texas, and we know the weather won’t be so extreme in the next 4 days, we recommend that we ship within those 4 days. In hopes that you’re availed to receive your package… 

This summer has been interesting for all of us!

- Kimberly Waldropt, Founder