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Viral Infection Wellness Routine, with our Founder, Kim

Kim here! Happy to reach out and say thank you so much for the love and support you've been showering the brand with. No pun intended. A few weeks ago I fell very ill. A viral infection that took over my whole body. In a matter of seconds I was on a zoom call with our project manager and once I got off the call, I started sneezing. Then the sneezing turned into weakness all over my body. Then next thing I know my whole body felt like it was under attack. Instantly by body was in ached and pain. Let me tell you something. Having absolutely no control over your body is the most defeating feeling when your business only goes when you do. I couldn't move! I didn't want to! It felt like I got hit by a truck. I felt helpless. LOL I was a hot mess! I do't with that kind of torture on my enemies. 

Unlike bacterial infections, viral infections aren't easy to cure. Its one of those things you have to just let pass your system and let your body fight it off. It sucks. But here's what I went though and here are some ways I was able to combat that the virus.

Symptoms (9 days in chronological order):









Dry cough


My Wellness Routine:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (that means a lot of water, all the time).

2. Get plenty of rest (I stayed in bed for 7 days straight). I can't stress getting enough rest. Prioritizing rest is excellent for your creativity. When you're tired, you can't think straight. That means you can't create at your best. It's a downward spiral. Rest is important for mental health and physical health. 

3. Vitamin D and Elderberry

4. Advil (or any Ibuprofen)

5. Eating lots of raw foods. Dark leafy greens, fresh fruits. Juices and smoothies. The greener the better. My body was using a lot of energy to fight off the infection. So why wouldn't I want to help fight the good fight by fueling with the nutrients and vitamins its needs.

6. Upkeeping my Oral Hygene. When we feel like sh*t its easy to slack off on brushing our teeth. Stay hydrated, avoid dry mouth. Listerine or an antiseptic mouthwash can help kill bacteria in your mouth, while coughing, or vomiting. Two, three times a day. The only time I got out of bed, was the groom myself. Then went right back to bed. 

7. Read. Getting sick like that can depress you. Keep your mind busy. Read while you're sick. Keep your mind off of negative thoughts while learning something new or expanding your imagination.

 Before I knew it, I got my strength back. I'm able to work full time again. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful production assistant who was willing to come in and get some work done while I was down. Thank god for iMessage and FaceTime. 

My energy is back up and my skin loved all the water. Grateful to have control over my body again. Taking care of your self is very important. You deserve to be healthy. It's a natural birth right. Eating right will help boost your immune system and restore harmony into your body. Be patient with yourself. You can't rush healing. As I write this, my recovery is 100%.