$1 of each product sold goes to Save The Children Emergency Fund.


 At TERRA-TORY, we believe in harnessing the power of food that nature offers us, to improve skin health. We are a sustainable wellness brand that embodies all-natural personal care offerings to improve skin behavior, as a foundation for healthier skin management. Our ethosphere revolves around creating the superfood-based alternative, especially for those who are challenged with sensitive skin.

We handcraft these offerings from the highest quality, nutrient dense, raw and organic ingredients — meticulously formulating each for daily use by all, including children. We will never use coconut oil, palm oil, or any non FDA-regulated ingredientWe believe in the power and simplicity of nature, for its ability to nourish, cleanse, soothe and protect our skin.

Our mission is to set new standards for the mentality and approach to personal care. We represent a new wave of artisans who take responsibility for human and environmental impact. We promise to be transparent in our process, and to only offer plastic-free packaging materials — in an everlasting stance for zero waste, zero derivatives, zero preservatives, and zero synthetics. 


When people ask “What’s wrong with coconut oil?” it’s our responsibility to explain the science behind soapmaking and the role ingredients play in organic soap.

Coconut oil in its “purest form” is a great fatty moisturizer. It isn’t bad, it’s overused in many body cleansing products on the market. However, once it’s been made into a “salt” byproduct (aka soap), it possesses very strong cleansing properties. Over time, using products like these can damage the protective barrier of the skin, making you feel dry, itchy, irritated, and prone to infection.

“100% Natural, 0% Bullsh*t”.