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Prepare your Mind, Body and Home for Seasonal Change


It's going from hot and humid, to cold and dry weather. At least here in NY. The hot beaming sun will be farther from the earth, leaving us colder and the air little dryer in the fall/winter months. From flu season or extreme dry skin, there was little evidence for how weather affected our well-being, until now. Our physical health and quality of life get effected, so it's important to take necessary care of yourself and your home. Handling the transition to colder months begins with establishing little habits for your mind, body and home and that of your family. Here’s some tips on how to prepare:

Your Body

  • Seasonal allergies affect more than 50 million Americans each year. Beyond consulting an allergist and taking your required meds, you can also change your diet to make your symptoms feel less intense. Onions, garlic, apples, fish, pineapple and yogurt all contain enzymes and probiotics to that end.
  • Take your Probiotics - This will not only promote gut health and digestion but it's an immune booster to help your fight colds. I love taking Seed Probiotics.
  • Come autumn, many of us forgo our summer bodycare routines but with the addition of wooly layers, cooler temperatures outside and central heating inside your skin deserves even more attention and care. Dry brushing should be part of your autumn/winter skincare routine, so that you can feel your best all year round.
  • Moisturize your skin more frequently. This is the time of year that the cold air will dry out your skin in no time. Our daily moisturizers are packed with skin-nourishing oils and raw shea butter that acts as a skin protectant during cold harsh dry air. 
  • Winter depression is a real thing. The sun offers us warmth, energy and vitality. As winter approaches, the sun is farther away from us, longer, and that can effect our mood.  Adding Vitamin D to your daily intake has positive affects your serotonin production and sleep-wake cycles.
  • Get more rest. Add melatonin to your intake if you have trouble sleeping or want to get back on track to a healthy sleep-wake cycle. 
  • Increase your bedroom’s temperature to be in the ideal window: 60 to 70 degrees.
  • Taking a warm bath 1-2 hours before bedtime helps your internal temperature drop for a deeper sleep.
  • Invest in a humidifier. This will increase the moisture in the air. Great for your sinuses and hydrating your skin and plants. 
  • Drink hot/warm fluids more frequently. The air is super dry. When it's cold we seldom have the urge to quench our thirst when its cold. Drinking hot beverages/soups more frequently will increase your fluid intake daily. It's a great way to stay hydrated and full. It's also an immune booster and keeps the winter colds at bay. Our Plant-Based Ital Stew recipe will keep you full and nourished all winter long.
  • Take your omega fatty acids. It stimulates the immune system. Taking Omega-3 during winter continuously helps the body fight off winters typical ailments, such as cold and flu symptoms, allowing you to keep up your regime during the winter.

Your Mind

  • Start your morning with movement! Whether it’s with busy kids, exam time or the start of “busy season” at work, managing your stress and mood changes is a big part of jump-starting your winter mornings. 3-5 minute workouts/strethces or do non-stop movement for 1-2 mins straight. Your body gets stiff in the winter so loosen the body up, get the heat and blood flowing. Jumping jacks, toe touches, joint rotation, jumping rope, whatever you want, just get moving.  
  • Calm the mind down with 5-minute mediations each morning. No phone, no emails, no social media, just silence. This will clear, organize or reset the mind from stressful/negative thoughts in the AM. 
  • Care more for your plants. Tending to your plants is another form of meditation. It actually improves your mental health when you're take the focus off yourself. It's act of selflessness. Its peaceful and calming to the mind. 
  • Aside from taking Vitamin D, prioritizing more light is important. Open the blinds, curtains and get as much sunlight as you can. Take walks outside if it's bearable. 
  • Stick to a schedule. Eat at regular intervals, strategize your daily hydration, and schedule your study hours to provide yourself as much sleep as possible. Falling out of wellness is a vicious cycle. The less sleep you get, the more difficult it is to perform your daily activities, leading to increased stress, less time to sleep, and other negative impacts. 

Your House

  • Invest in Heated blankets. This saves money on gas/oil if thats your source of heat in your home. 
  • Space Heaters are great. They can go where ever you are, heats the space well. Remember to turn off and unplug when not in use. 
  • Invest in humidifiers. The cold dry air can mess with your skin, hair, and nasal passage. Keep the air moist to keep things hydrated, lubricated and irritation free. Dry air can cause nose bleeds and sinus infections if not treated early on. 
  • Clean your gutters. 
  • Clean your sink and shower drains. Incase your pipes are not insulated, they can freeze and burst, causing flooding. 
  • Clean your fans and ac filters from dirt and dust.