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The Novice Set 001
The Novice Set 001
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The Novice Set 001

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We assembled this set for TERRA-TORY beginners, the curious, the Novice. Featuring our 'Day One' products that helped so many trying to introduce a healthier shower routine. Great for replenishment or for someone new to TERRA-TORY. Coconut Oil Free formulation to prevent nut allergy, dryness, or potential flare-ups. 

The set includes:

(1) Aloe Detox CubeThis moisturizing, healing, and detoxing soap offers organic and vegan ingredients for a rich, emollient lather that won’t dry out the skin, but will leave you feeling super hydrated.

(1) Fresh Sea Moss Cube - Helps to soothe skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sunburn, and chapped skin. Contains A, B, C, D vitamins that nourish the skin In addition to their functional benefits.

(1) Gentle Baby Oats Cube - If you have very sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, using this on the body is very important. When looking for a very pure, hypoallergenic body soap to heal your dry or damaged skin Gentle Baby Oats Cube soap is just what you need to keep in rotation.

(1) Sweet Plantain + Coffee CubeThis cube helps to heal and moisturize the skin, improving texture and tone. It is effective when used to smooth out psoriasis bumps/patches. We gently rub this on the back of our arms and thighs, or even after a new shave.

(1) Silicone Shower Hook - Sticks securely to any hard/shiny surface to hang all your shower essentials keeping them dry and bacteria-free.

All items will be packaged and labeled in our green TERRA-TORY branded boxes. 
All TERRA-TORY formulas are handcrafted in small batches by our team. Our products are made in small batches to ensure quality. Color and texture may vary slightly from batch to batch. All soaps will be shipped 'naked'. "Naked" Packaging: This soap cube is hand wrapped in reusable kraft paper. It is shipped in a reusable box with corn starch biodegradable peanuts to reduce waste. Please recycle everything in your box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brooke F
Love it!

The scents are amazing and feel thoughtfully put together.

Love it 😍

I mean damn… as I open the plastic.. EXCUSE ME… the COMPOST PACK … the smell is just uplifting my nostrils.
Join me on my ode to territory with this review lol … dim your lights … Que Chuck Mangione.. and let’s groove.
1st I’m opening the smaller box ..

As I opened the box a smile grew pon my face.. I gave my baby bump belly a spritz spritz and lovingly rubbed the oil into my skin.
Next I let my eyes fall upon the bigger white box … more smell goods I thought .. must be my soapsies….

INDEED … there presented so beautifully… my four cubes of soap and my handy dandy shower hook …

I am trying out the gentle baby oats cube first to see how it feels and smells… I anticipate using it on my little baby love ❤️
Oh. Yes. Cheers 🥂 to Happy Aroma therapy’d showering ….
Don’t turn Chuck Mangione off now .. turn him up and go place your own order at …. Terra-tory.com ( I hope you read this in your best Barry White voice.. if not.. read it again) HA! Seriously tho, I love using these products, the soaps smell wonderful, they feel great on my skin, the oil literally helped heal a skin rash on my hand, and it’s kept my belly nice and moisturized throughout my pregnancy. Big Love to Terra-Tory! Keep up the great work.

Terra Tory is my religion

Have Using Terra Tory for 6 month now my acne is totally under control

Love it!!!

The quality of the soaps and shower hook is superb.

Treasured gift

Bought this set for my sister for her birthday and she fell in love. She’d insisted she didn’t want anything but became a believer after trying these soaps. Beautiful and healing.